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  • You need help getting your landlord to act
  • We compile notes and evidence you provide
  • We help write breach notices for you
  • We help prepare tribunal applications for you
  • Use our brand name to have your voice heard
  • We are tenant advocates

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Tenant SHIELD is a service offered by which provides a helping hand for tenants - just like a property manager does for a landlord.

It's not easy being a tenant, especially when it comes to handling disputes or issues whilst renting. Applying the advice given to you by your states tenancy advice service when breaching the agent and landlord (or applying for an order with the tribunal), isn't always straight forward and can be daunting. You may feel you need help when preparing these documents.

It's so often that we see tenants being taken advantage of, as well as tenants who choose to ignore serious problems with their rental or landlord and agent, as they feel the task of taking on these issues on their own is far too difficult and confusing.

As tenant advocates, we want to help tenants in need!

We take the difficulty out by providing a helping hand when writing breaches and applying for tribunal orders. We SHIELD the tenant from the agent and landlord whose aim may be to take advantage of the tenant who is not as well prepared. We use our well recognised brand in the real-estate industry as a voice for tenants' rights!

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